A drawing

Just posting a drawing…
Most drawings are their own thing. I do find myself occasionally borrowing a part from a drawing to use in a painting, or vice versa. This conversation pit rug came after the painting.  And in other news, I’m switching hosts, so chasing down who’s who and whens when.

Charcoal Interior with Dramatic Rug, 2023
charcoal on paper
24 x 19 inches

Studio charcoal drawings

With painting interiors, I’m always having to juggle color relationships and color schemes. And even thinking of how they might look together on a wall (as in an exhibition).  By taking away the color component with drawing, it becomes more about the structure.  I also have been having fun with different ways of applying the charcoal. Brushed on, dusted, rolled or stamped.  This group of small charcoal drawings uses a cutout chair to mask the paper and create the ‘ghost chair’.