Tensioned Rooms and Subject Hooks

I try to give the viewer many concepts to conceptually grab on to and explore or extrapolate. There is no intended meaning, though the scenes could be reflective of life out side of the paintings. They are not meant to be ‘quick reads’.

In these 2 paintings, the tension is created by the compositional and symbolic elements. I am also exploring scale and proximity in the images.  The distant opposing chairs in opposite corners of a room, with an oversized picture within the picture, painted in a completely different modality and color palette, seem to create an awkward moment.

The Interior with a table demanding the viewer’s attention with it’s awkward position in the room, and elements that are all on edge as if about to abandon their place. They are static elements, bursting with an energy to animate. The inset picture within the painting depicts a person half sitting, half standing on a desk, legs impossible.

In both paintings, I offer the viewer an exit to another room